Cash Payment: We regret to inform that cash payment is not accepted during registration day. Fax : (+603) 6421 4053 Level 2 Accessibility to Kuala Lumpur from the campus is made easy not only by efficient bus and taxi services, but also by a light rail station close to the campus. Paying your fees Tuition fees. October 2020 Payment Method. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; Please send this registration form together with your proof of payment by email to var addy27528 = 'iriie2014' + '@'; Author(s) will be asked to pay RM 850 (local) or $200 USD (international) as article publication fee in order to defray the operating costs. Student Admission Unit Academic Management Division, Registry, Chancellory Building, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Penang, Malaysia. Question 1: How much are the fees (per semester) for an undergraduate? 2. OTHER … Click here to pay your registration fee. Students have to pay Personal Bond upon registration and the rate ranging from RM 200.00 to RM 2000.00 depending on students nationalities. Method of Payment. Looks like you're visiting from ! IIUM Endowment Fund, better known as IEF, is a special division of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) established in 1999, to financially assist the needy students of the university, who are academically excellent but incapable of financing the tuition fees and the cost of living. Home rate of tuition. If you have taken out a UK Student Loan for Tuition Fees from the Student Loans Company, payments are made direct to the University. a.Money order, bank draft or cheque and should be made payable to “Finance Director International Islamic University Malaysia” b. ♦ SADC students are not required to pay additional fees ♦ All international students must make prior arrangements with management to guarantee the payment of their fees Investing in Bitcoin can be complicated, but it is much easier when you break it down into course. Since the death of the deceased, grant of probate had not been applied for as the plaintiff had refused to pay the fee demanded by the defendant. However, the defendant had refused to accede to the suggestion of the plaintiff to resign as executor and trustee and allow him to takeover. P.O. Each user will be charged one-time registration fee of RM 30.00 to receive a Virtual Bank Account and be automatically eligible for 5 times bidding opportunity for all numbers offered. Archives. Pay Online. Using the JomPAY mode of Payment, Student must: b) Specify your own matric number at Ref-1, c) Specify the I/C number or Number at Ref-2, *you may refer to your student financial statement at URL, A) JomPAY Biller Code for Tuition and Hostel Fees (Gombak, Kuantan & Pagoh Student), B) JomPAY Biller Code for Compound (Gombak, Kuantan & Pagoh Student), C) JomPAY Biller Code for CFS / Matriculation Student, D) JomPAY Biller Code for IIUM Academy Student, International Islamic University Malaysia, Phone : (+603) 6421 6421 Cash. Payment ONLY can be made through Debit machine on that day. International & Local Participants. document.write('<\/a>'); Looks like you're visiting from ! A small number of postgraduate courses (e.g. We’ll aim to deliver on your chosen day. It is important that you plan for this beforehand. Before that, you guys have to apply first. Bhd. FEB, JUNE & SEPT intake. fee/credit hour minimum credit hour payable tuition fee recurrent hostel total fees kuliyyah programme (rm) ( for semester 1 only) (for semester 1 only) fees fee (for semester 1 only) celpad paid english - 600.00 270.00 840.00 1710.00- You will have to wait for AMAD to process your application. student have to pay RM 500.00 per semester plus credit hour fee if any. Payment Links for online payment … E-payment. Online payment at Is there any fees to be charged for bidding transactions? Please visit ... International Islamic University Malaysia. Inclusive of entry into exhibition and conference halls, lunches and dinner. Location of International Islamic University Malaysia ( IIUM Location): IIUM has several campuses, facilities, and institutions spread across several states of Malaysia, each with their own specialization. You can Bank in directly into the University’s Student account at any Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad. So there are THREE INTAKES every year. Alternative student loans . All rights reserved. Box 10, Find tuition fees, intake dates and admissions process. Not including excursion. : 1407-000000-4716) 3. Bidders will have a total of five chances to place bids for a given available IIUM number from a first-time RM30 registration fee, and once the five-bid allocation has been used up, a fee … Registration fees may be transferred to another individual; the invoice for the new registration will be revised to reflect the new registrant's membership status. 7Courses Subjects: The Fee Per Credit Hour for courses subjects registered are as follows; Kuliyyah Fee per Credit Hour (RM) Each user will be charged one-time registration fee of RM 30.00 to receive a Virtual Bank Account and be automatically eligible for 5 times bidding opportunity for all numbers offered. Payment should be made to “FINANCE DIRECTOR IIUM” … For author(s) in Malaysia: by Cash Deposit or Electronic Transfer . Using the JomPAY mode of Payment, Student must: a) Choose correct biller code number. Bank in directly into the University’s account at any Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad branches at the following account number: 1407-0000005-71-9 © 2020 International Islamic University Malaysia. If you’ve paid a tuition fee deposit prior to enrolment, the amount you’ll be required to pay at enrolment will be 50% of the tuition fee due, less any deposit or further tuition fees already paid. IIUM: $ 100 $250: APU NA: FREE: UCSI ... Q 1: When should I pay the fee of application and Processing fees? E-COLLECTION : E-Collection: A/C: 14070000004716. Abstract & Paper Template ; Abstract & Paper Submission; Committee. 1 300 888 876 IIUM: $ 100 $250: APU NA: FREE: UCSI ... Q 1: When should I pay the fee of application and Processing fees? ... Is there any fees to be charged for bidding transactions? You will be asked to pay RM 100 to IIUM for this service. For How to sell Bitcoin on gdax without fees, you don't have to understand computer programing to realize that Sir Joseph Banks, businesses, the bold, and the brash area unit cashing IN on cryptocurrencies. With JomPAY you can pay your IIUM TUITION FEES through Internet or Mobile Banking service of participating Banks in Malaysia using funds from your. Visit to participate. Fees are charged by year of entry to the College and not year of study. Then, you will need to send all the documents to the Academic Management and Admission Division (AMAD). 1. *Please attach the proof of payment upon submission. Official Website of International Islamic University Malaysia. IIUM also provides a wide variety of sports and recreational facilities and services across its campuses, in order to encourage productive and constructive leisure activities amongst its students. addy27528 = addy27528 + 'iium' + '.' + 'edu' + '.' + 'my'; 2021 entry. Mode of Payment. //-->\n FINANCE DIVISION, IIUM Bill Code: OTHER-SERVICES-FOR-IIUMPLATE-Online Banking; Credit/Debit Card; Amount * Ref. Haha, kidding. Master and Ph.D. Programs in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Program: Duration: Fees (Ringgit) In Year: Per Year: Faculty of Engineering: M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering: 2 16000: M.Sc in Automotive Engineering: 2: 16000 M.Sc in Biomedical – Biotechnology Engineering: 2: 16000 M.Sc in Communication Engineering: 2: 16000 b) Specify your own matric number at Ref-1 Fees The registration fee includes the cost of the conference proceedings, admission to all technical sessions, banquet dinner, meals and refreshments. The IIUM Tuition Fee Reduction is a financial assistance given to poor, needy and deserving International Undergraduate students to reduce their tuition fee charged by the University. 2. Once you print your completed application form, you must include your proof of payment and any other related documents. Pay Now * Proceed with Registration once payment has been made. Payment Method. FPX provider by ANSI Systems Sdn Bhd The rate is as follows: Courier Services Fee = RM 15.00 & Transfer of Ownership Fee = RM 100.00 RM. The remaining balance of your fees will be due after approximately five months from the … Bank … Tuition fees. Details. A/C: 14070000004716. 40 salaries for 23 jobs at International Islamic University in Malaysia. Please refer to reference no for any inquiries.