The 2 1/2 mile hike has an elevation The view along this route is spectacular. At an elevation of 12,840 feet, Summit Lake Park anchors the high-altitude end of the Mountain Parks system. While the summit is accessible by car, there are also several hiking routes of varying length and difficulty leading to it. The views to … The Mt Evans route begins only 2,000 feet below the summit. Road work is not expected to hamper cyclists on the winding, 14-mile stretch of road that climbs more than 3,600 feet to the summit at 14,264 feet. The Summit of Mount Evans Interpretive Site. If you’re a hiking enthusiast and live anywhere near Denver, or making plans to go there; then this spot should be added on your list of places to hike. While here, do take the short, 1/4-mile, hike to the Chicago Lake Basin overlook, as the view is spectacular. Other peaks in the massif are: Mount Spalding (13,842 ft or 4,219 m), 1.1 mi (1.8 km) northwest After a few hundred feet descending, get funneled into a loose gully. Hike to a corner of the summit tourist trail and follow it toward the summit - 21 and 22. Colorado is famed for its ‘fourteeners’ – its 14,000-foot peaks – and to get to most of them you need to hike for several miles at least. 5 miles (RT) Elevation Gain: 2,300ft; Elevation Min/Max: 11,970 to 14,264ft; Trailhead Lat/Long: 39.598061º N; 105.640394º W; Managing Agency: U.S. Forest Service; Fee: $10 (Annual National Parks Pass Accepted) 19 shows the summit from a prominent bump called "West Evans" and 20 is the view when you get closer. Flora & Fauna After passing Idaho Springs Reservoir and the cabins, you'll find many wildflowers along the trail … Immediately after the Echo Lake Lodge, turn right onto CO Hwy. The area to the east of the lake is Summit Lake Flats and is the only known area of permafrost located in the United States outside of Alaska. Also the weather can be cold even if it's hot at lower elevations. ridge of Mount Evans to the top. From the summit of Mt. After reaching Summit Lake, you have the option to turn around and finish the round-trip hike, or continue the last 1000'+ elevation to summit Mt. Goliath Peak (12,216 feet) can be climbed from two … This section of trail starts at the Summit of Mount Evans Interpretive Site parking area. When we have friends and family visiting Colorado from out of town, this is one of best destinations for a great views. Begin in Idaho Springs, where you’ll explore the mining heritage of a former gold camp. This short hike will allow you to "bag a fourteener" the easy way. Current Conditions: Mount Evans Highway won’t open to motorized vehicles for the 2020 season due to impacts from COVID-19. Mount Evans rises high above Summit Lake. Mt Evans allows you a great view of the Rocky Mountains. The road is in bad repair.. full of deep crater pot holes and very very hilly.. BEWARE bikers there are NO GUARD RAILS to your left going up and your Right when you descend. Mount Evans is the highest peak in a massif. Summit Lake Park is a busy, but wonderful park. The Mt Goliath Natural Area is located 16.5 miles south of Idaho Springs on the Mt Evans Scenic Byway. Speaking of the fee station, the fee for driving the Mount Evans Scenic Byway is $10.00 per vehicle for up to 12 occupants, and your pass will be valid for 3 days. Mt. Evans, wrap around to the south of the summit on a rocky but well-cairned trail. On your way up the mountain you … The trail stays below the ridge for most of the remaining hike. Evans Colorado’s Echo Lake is looped by an easy hiking trail and serves as a trailhead to even more classic Colorado hikes.

With an elevation of 14,265 feet (4,348 meters), Mount Evans is the 12th-highest peak in Colorado and one of the state’s 58 “Fourteeners”—peaks above 14,000 feet (4,300 meters). Mount Evans is the highest peak in the Front Range Rocky Mountains of Colorado. 5.9 miles into the hike, hikers will reach Summit Lake at just shy of 13,000 feet. Forest: Arapaho National Forest District: Clear Creek Ranger District Description: Mt. Echo Lake Trail Near Mt. The Mount Evans Byway starts at Echo Lake and climbs 14 miles to the summit. The route starts at 12,830-foot Summit Lake and gains only 2,000 feet of elevation up Evan’s West Ridge to the 14,264-foot summit. The Mt. From here, hike ¼ mile down to the open area above a band of cliffs and towards an unnamed point. Evans road. The Mount Evans highway won’t open for cars at all this year Officials have expressed concerns about putting first responders in danger and the lack of social distancing at the summit… The Guanella Pass Road was going to be the best access into the Wilderness now that the Mount Evans … There is a good chance to spot wildlife in the Mount Evans Recreation Area, especially mountain goats, which are often seen near the summit area of Mt Evans. From here gain the saddle at 9600' to the northeast of Mount Evans … Trail 44 Class 3 Head south on Trail 44 and at about 3 miles take the trail fork off to your left which is below Lower Twin Lake. Mount Evans is the closest fourteener to Denver, and the 28-mile drive south from Idaho Springs rises nearly 7,000 feet. 5, which is the Mt. In 2010, the trail was renamed Summit Flats to avoid confusion with the Denver Mountain Parks trail at Summit Lake. Option 2 would be to hike all the way up the drainage and then pick your best spot to gain Evans' northeast ridge, then gain the summit. Containing a stunning array of alpine wildflowers, these two mountains offer a glimpse into an environment so harsh that most plants do not grow more than a few inches tall. Trail Map | Photo Gallery One route begins at Summit Lake and climbs 1,400' in … Hiking trip report, map, and photos for Mount Bierstadt, Mount Evans, Mount Spalding via The Sawtooth, located in Arapaho National Forest, Colorado. This year due to the coronavirus, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife along with the state of... Three Miles. Leave your car at the Summit Lake trailhead, and head North along the shore until you meet a sign marking a trail up Mt. Evans (14,264ft) West Ridge via Mt. It protects the largest, northernmost stand of Bristlecone Pine trees in North America, and is internationally recognized as one of the purest locations to study alpine ecology. Date Hiked: June 23, 2012; Distance: Approx. Evans is the 14th-tallest peak in Colorado. Descend via the same route. The park is accessible by the paved Mount Evans Road, and while you have to pay to access the road, it is one of … Hikers will reach treeline just shy of 5 miles into the hike. Image is Mount Evans Summit reflected in a small sky pond near Summit Lake. Hike 10/41: Mount Evans Wilderness, Wild less the Summit Roads Closed, Move Along.